Our Story

A picture of Eric and Delilah, owners of Popularity Gourmet PopcornThe story of Popularity Gourmet Popcorn starts in the small village of Oswego, Illinois, 40 miles or so west of Chicago. In those parts, you celebrate the summer and every little town has its own summer festival. The people of the towns get together and enjoy the warmth, parades, music, games, fireworks, and of course, popcorn. It was at Oswego’s PrairieFest that we fell in love with popcorn.

When we moved to Las Vegas, we couldn’t find the type of popcorn we loved in our childhood. After years, we decided to try to make our own on the stovetop at our home. We would change our recipe to try to recreate the popcorn we loved so much from our childhood. Eventually, we started handing it out to friends and getting requests for more and an idea was born.

Since then, we’ve expanded into our retail location here in Centennial Hills and added more and more flavors based on requests, ideas, and sometimes dreams (Yes, we really dream of popcorn.) We really enjoy trying new techniques and using the best ingredients we can find to create the best popcorn we can. Our goal is always to make the best popcorn possible and always provide amazing customer service.

We air-pop all of our popcorn to avoid the partially hydrogenated oils so many places use, we also think it creates a lighter kernel that doesn’t require completely saturating the popcorn with flavor to overcome the oil used to pop. The fact that it’s a little healthier doesn’t hurt either.

We make all of our gourmet popcorn in small batches so it will be fresh when you want it. That means you won’t find huge storage bins of ready to go popcorn sitting for weeks in the back of our shop. Everything is fresh and when it comes down to it, fresher is always better.

We put a lot of thought into everything we do, but no matter what we’re always trying to recreate the experience we’ve had with popcorn and share it with our customers.

Who would have thought that the experiences of a little kid sitting on a curb eating popcorn would turn into this?

Thank you very much for checking us out!

-Delilah and Eric