• Air Popped is Better!

    At Popularity, we air pop every flavor of our gourmet popcorn using our air popping process.  Our kernels are popped with hot air, not oil. That gives you a perfectly delicate and mouthwatering flavor experience that can’t be matched by popcorn saturated with oils.

  • The Best Ingredients.

    We don’t know what “cheeze” is, we don’t think anyone does. That’s why we use real cheese on our cheddar popcorn. Likewise, we use real butters, sugars, top quality vanilla, peppers, and every other ingredient on every flavor. When we can use real ingredients with real names, we use them. If we can’t, we don’t make it.

  • We keep it fresh!

    We prepare all of our popcorn in small batches. At Popularity, we don’t have huge containers of popcorn waiting for you.  We make our flavors every morning, so you can be assured your popcorn will be fresh. We also sell our popcorn in sealed bags that are able to be re-sealed so the freshness can last if you don’t finish the bag right away.

  • We’ve got you covered.

    Looking for a snack for your next staff meeting? Popcorn. Do you need a treat to give out at your convention booth? We’ve got you there, too. Gifts for clients? Check. Let us put together a package for your next event that will make everyone smile.